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Wednesday, May 17th
16:30-18:00Room ZemljiRoom ReciRoom LjudeRoom GlagoljuRoom VjediRoom BukyRoom Az
Mental health for all: crucial need for the development of mental health policy
(Ch: Dr. Novak)
Social Pedagogy - Session 1
(Ch: Ms. Horvat)
Education and Rehabilitation Sciences - Session 1
(Ch: Prof. Kralj)
The quality of inclusive education
(Ch: Dr. Žic Ralić)
Education and Rehabilitation Sciences - Session 2
(Ch: Dr. Miholić)
Education and Rehabilitation Sciences - Session 3
(Ch: Dr. Runjić)
Speech and Language Pathology - Session 1
(Ch: Dr. Cepanec )
 216 Mental Health Promotion and Mental Health for All – Implementing a Mental Health in All Policies Approach (Margaret Barry*) 71 Risk Assessment and Decision in Child Care: a Comparative Study Between Students and Professionals (Paulo Delgado*, Vânia Pinto, João Carvalho) 1 Understanding Icf-Cy as a Common Language in Transdiscioplinary Teams (Manfred Pretis*) 190 Social and Emotional Competence of Students with Disability in High and Poor Inclusive Quality Classes (Anamarija Žic Ralić*, Daniela Cvitković, Rea Fulgosi Masnjak) 23 Therapeutic Riding: Educational and Pedagogical Implications (Aleksandra Gvozdanović Debeljak*, Vesna Buljubašić Kuzmanović) 20 Posttraumatic Growth in Mothers of Children with Disabilities (Stanisława Byra*, Agnieszka Żyta, Katarzyna Ćwirynkało) 145 Performance of Dyslexic Children During Reading a Text with Increased Letter Spacing and Dyslexie Font (Mirela Duranovic*, Senka Smajlagic)
 213 Multisectoral Mental Health Policy Development (Ana Petek*, Miranda Novak, Margaret Barry) 51 Advantages/disadvantages of a Participatory Discourse in the Field of Institutional Education (Mateja Marovič*) 24 Parents of Children with Disabilities's Perception of Support and Beliefs About Seeking for Professional Help (Nataša Vlah*, Anela Raguž) 227 Improving Inclusion Through Prosocial, Social and Emotional Education: the Prosel Progam (Alessia Signorelli*, Robert Roche, Annalisa Morganti , Mar Badia) 82 Reading Literacy of Students with Intellectual Disabilities at the End of a Period of Systematic Literacy Development (Nika Jenko, Mojca Lipec Stopar*) 89 Parenting Stress and a Sense of Competence in Mothers of Children with Disabilities (Lejla Osmančević Katkić*, Maja Lang Morović, Emina Kovačić) 14 Autistic Children’s Drawings as Evidence of Visual Communication and Learning (Nefi Charalambous Darden, Phivi Antoniou*)
 228 Mental Health Policy in Croatia (Miranda Novak*, Ana Petek) 112 The Factors Leading to Successful Educational Integration of Immigrant Children (Andreja Sinjur*) 101 The Experience of Erasmus+ Practice in the Organization for Early Intervention in Portugal - What Can We Learn from Them to Improve Early Intervention in Croatia? (Petra Marković*, Marija Repalust) 249 Calculating and Problem Solving Task in High in Low Quality Inclusive Classrooms (Zrinjka Stančić*, Natalija Lisak, Klara Matejčić) 139 Expressive Art Therapy for Social Interaction of Children and Adults with Disability in Sri Lanka (Leena Seneheweera*, Varunadaththa Edirisinghe) 241 Dimensions of Self-Concept as Predictors of Quality of Life in Visually Impaired: Does the Visibility of Impairment Matter? (Ksenija Stanimirov*, Luka Mijatović, Branka Jablan) 225 Developmental Profiles of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder on Developmental Test Cuturic (Sanja Šimleša*, Ana Šimir, Maja Cepanec)
 96 Supporting and Developing Social and Civic Competence of Youth Through Education – Overview of Reforms in Croatia? (Martina Horvat*) 152 Home-Based Service for Preschool Children with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families – 36 Years of Experience (Ana Markulin, Jelena Ćališ, Tamara Kralj*) 183 Insight into Some Determinants of High Quality Inclusive Classrooms (Natalija Lisak*, Ana Wagner Jakab) 272 Arts/expressive Therapies and Coping of Child with Malignant Disease (Damir Miholić*, Josipa Brčić, Natalija Lisak) 166 Education for Families of Children with Asd (David Preece, Jasmina Stosic*, Jasmina Frey Škrinjar, Jasmina Troshanska, Loizos Symeou, Katerina Mavrou, Eleni Theodorou, Vladimir Trajkovski) 46 The USAge of Virtual Reality Systems in Process of Rehabilitation for Children with Disabilities (Kristina Posavec*)
 40 Social Pedagogy: Developing Resilient Social Work Practice with Youth (Darrell Fox*) 105 Open Your Eyes to be Able to Open Your Ear- it Is Just a Game, Enjoy (Nataša Dolović*) 19 School Inclusion and Learning Processes: Emerging Issues of a Evidence-Based Research in Italy (Luisa Zinant*, Lucio Cottini, Francesca Zanon, Daniele Fedeli, Davide Zoletto, Stefano Pascoletti, Annalisa Morganti ) 184 New Technology in Education and Rehabilitation of Children with Motor Disabilities and Chronic Diseases (Fadilj Eminović, Mateja Bublić*) 245 Gender Differences in Self-Perceived Quality of Life of Persons with Glaucoma (Tina Runjić*, Dominik Sikirić, Vlatka Penava)
Thursday, May 18th
10:30-12:00Room ZemljiRoom ReciRoom LjudeRoom GlagoljuRoom VjediRoom BukyRoom Az
Researching with families- theoretical, methodological, ethical and practical issues
(Ch: Prof. Jeđud Borić)
Social Pedagogy - Session 3
(Ch: Dr. Dodig Hundrić)
Social Pedagogy - Session 2
(Ch: Dr. Lotar Riharić)
Spoken Corpora in Child Language and Adult Language Research
(Ch: Dr. Hržica)
 64 Family Quality of Life-Narrative Approach Through Collecting the Life Stories with Parents of Children with Disabilities (Natalija Lisak*) 173 Sexting, Cyber-Violence and Sexually Risky Behaviour Among College Students (Dea Kričkić, Daniela Šincek*, Ana Babić Čikeš) 180 The Relationship Between Intelligence and Criminal Recidivism: the Mediation Effect of Empathy (Martina Lotar Rihtarić*, Ivana Vrselja, Đulijana Badurina-Sertić) 174 Code-Switching in Bilingual Speakers with Different Ses (Marina Camber*)
 144 Participatory Action Research with Vulnerable Families (Jana Rapuš Pavel*, Nada Turnšek, Olga Poljšak Škraban, Špela Razpotnik) 229 Cyber Violence, Gender, Affective and Cognitive Empathy in Adolescents (Ivana Duvnjak, Daniela Šincek*, Jasmina Tomašić Humer) 18 The Role of Dual Serious Mental Illnesses and Substance Use Disorders on U.s. Jail Inmate Assault (Steven Wood*) 195 Croatian Discourse Corpus of Persons with Aphasia: Overview and First Data (Jelena Kuvač Kraljević, Ana Matić*)
 61 Action Research Project as an Opportunity to Co-Create New Knowledge with Multi-Challenged Families (Nina Mešl*, Tadeja Kodele) 232 The Psychological Outcomes of Cyber Violence on Victims, Perpetrators and Perpetrator/victims (Daniela Šincek*, Ivana Duvnjak, Marija Milić) 260 Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Offenders in Prison in Zagreb (Kristina Anić Kuhar*, Blanka Šuljak, Adriana Mažar) 271 Longitudinal Samples of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Acquiring Croatian: Insights (Jasmina Ivšac Pavliša*, Nikolina Jezernik, Gordana Hržica)
 65 Researching in Family Setting- Social Pedagogic Experiences from Croatia (Anja Mirosavljević, Ivana Jeđud Borić*, Nivex Koller Trbović) 250 The Correlation of Parents’ Attitudes Towards Gambling and Their Gambling Related Problems (Dora Dodig Hundrić*, Neven Ricijaš, Martina Ferić, Toni Maglica, Valentina Kranželić) 221 Differences in Personality and Behavioral Traits Between Prisoners with Different Levels of Intellectual Functioning (Helena Križan*, Irma Kovčo Vukadin, Snježana Sekušak Galešev) 130 Spoken and Written Language of Adult Speakers: How Much Do They Differ? (Marina Olujić*, Ana Matić)
 171 Ethical Considerations in Family Studies – the Example of Famresplan Research Project (Valentina Kranželić*, Irma Kovčo Vukadin, Martina Ferić) 206 Problem Gambling of Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Estimated Incidence of Gambling Parents (Meliha Bijedić*, Lejla Kuralić - Čišić) 294 The Factor and Conceptual Structure of the Mqpl in Croatian Prisons (Ivana Sekol*, Tihomir Vidranski) 244 The Role of Socioeconomic Status in the Narrative Abilities of Preschool Children Acquiring Croatian (Gordana Hržica*, Dora Knezevic, Maja Roch)
Thursday, May 18th
15:00-16:30Room ZemljiRoom ReciRoom LjudeRoom GlagoljuRoom VjediRoom BukyRoom Az
Development of the Models of Social-Pedagogic Interventions in Primary School
(Ch: Dr. Bouillet)
Social Pedagogy - Session 5
(Ch: Dr. Radetić Paić)
From Invisible to Visible: Children with Disabilities in Institutions
(Ch: Prof. Wagner Jakab)
Education and Rehabilitation Sciences - Session 4
(Ch: Prof. Sekušak Galešev)
Education and Rehabilitation Sciences - Session 5
(Ch: Dr. Hayton)
Social Pedagogy - Session 4
(Ch: Dr. Ricijaš)
 160 “The Role of Parents in Social-Pedagogical Interventions in School Environment" (Marija Sitar*) 177 The Correlation Between Students' Risky Behaviour and the Mobility Rate (Mirjana Radetić Paić*) 196 Circumstances Regarding Permanent Accomodation of Children with Disabilities in Institutions (Daniela Cvitković*, Ana Wagner Jakab) 289 Parents of Children with Disabilities: are They Happy? (Lana Lučić*, Ljiljana Kaliterna Lipovčan, Andreja Brajša-Žganec, Tihana Brkljačić, Renata Franc, Renata Glavak Tkalić, Zvjezdana Prizmić Larsen, Ines Sučić, Maja Tadić Vujčić) 116 Vision Problems in Children with Intellectual Disabilities (Sonja Alimović*) 100 Perception of a Croatian Juvenile Justice System - Professionals’ Perspective (Sabina Mandić, Dora Dodig Hundrić, Neven Ricijaš*)
 109 “Development of the Models of Social-Pedagogic Interventions in Primary School” (Marija Sitar, Dejana Bouillet*, Željka Gomuzak Anić, Nena Franić) 200 The Role of Family, Peers and School in Externalised Adolescent Risk Behaviours (Goran Livazović*) 176 Factors That Contribute and Prevent the Institutionalization of Children with Disabilities (Maja Laklija*, Marina Milic Babic) 280 Preschool Teacher Attitudes and Competencies for Inclusive Teaching: Relation to Available Support in Preschool Inclusion and Teacher Training (Sanja Skočić Mihić*, Snježana Sekušak Galešev) 16 The Art Experience and Art Expression of a Blind Person (Dunja Pivac*, Tina Runjić, Ante Bilić Prcić) 220 Analyses of Judges' Perspective in Family Mediation – Contribution to the Implementation of Family Mediation (Kristina Urbanc*, Vanja Branica, Branka Sladović Franz)
 162 “ Social-Pedagogic Interventions in Primary School" (Željka Gomuzak Anić*) 131 Challenging the School-to-Prison Pipeline: the Role of School and Teachers in Fostering Positive Youth Outcomes (Linda Liebenberg*, Jackie Sanders, Robyn Munford) 295 Quality of Support and Capacity of Institutions for Children with Disabilities - Perspective of Different Stakeholders Using Mixed Methodology (Tihana Novak, Jasmina Stosic*) 175 Socio-Demographic and Medical Variables in Correlation with Behavioral Aspects of Executive Functions in Adolescents with Epilepsy (Sara Pavic*, Vojislava Bugarski Ignjatović, Ksenija Gebauer Bukurov, Željka Nikolašević) 29 Contextualising Fastening Use on Children’s Clothing to Inform the Development of Novel Materials Suitable to Support Independent Dressing Skills in Children with Visual Impairment (Jessica Hayton*) 209 The Importance of the Relationship Between Penology, Penitentiary Law and Croatian Social Policy Through the Prism of the Sanctioned Population (Vladimira Žakman-Ban, Marija Dropuljić-Jujnović*, Katarina Špehar Fiškuš)
 179 Evidence Based Social-Pedagogical Work with Pupils in Primary Schools (Nena Franić*) 215 Parental Self-Efficacy and Adolescent Antisocial Behavior: the Mediating Role of Parental Punishment and School Engagement (Mario Pandžić*, Ivana Vrselja, Marina Merkaš) 189 Recommendations for Improving the Protection of Rights of Children with Disabilities Placed in Institutions (Natalija Lisak*, Ana Wagner Jakab) 283 Using Q Methodology to Research Students' with Disabilities Views on Their Role in the Implementation of Education Policy (Ivona Salaj*, Lelia Kiš Glavaš) 197 The Influence of Braille Literacy Programme's Length on Frequency of Braille USAge (Vlatka Penava*, Ante Bilić-Prcić, Lidija Iličić) 246 Penal Attitudes of Criminal Justice Professionals and Perception of Probation System Effectiveness (Irma Kovčo Vukadin*, Jana Špero, Snježana Maloić)
 73 Parental Attitudes Toward Behaviour Patterns in Conflicts and Their Children's Behaviour Patterns in Conflicts (Vlatka Družinec*, Nataša Vlah, Ana-Katarina Nikolić) 6 Gender as Moderator and Age as Mediator Variables in Prediction of School Adjustment by Symptoms of Adhd (Tena Velki*, Gabrijela Vrdoljak) 205 Inclusion of Students with Visual Impairments in Sports Activities (Eva Škrlec, Ingrid Žolgar*, Ante Bilić Prcić) 287 Child Protection in Bosnia & Herzegovina- Social Service Workforce Mapping (Elmedin Muratbegović*)
Thursday, May 18th
17:00-18:30Room ZemljiRoom ReciRoom LjudeRoom GlagoljuRoom VjediRoom BukyRoom Az
Spirituality and mental health
(Ch: Dr. Leutar)
Education and Rehabilitation Sciences - Session 6
(Ch: Prof. Skočić Mihić)
Education and Rehabilitation Sciences - Session 7
(Ch: Dr. Milic Babic)
Education and Rehabilitation Sciences - Session 8
(Ch: Prof. Bratković)
Social Pedagogy - Session 6
(Ch: Prof. Mikšaj - Todorović)
 304 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (Mbsr) for Helping Professions (Jelena Ivelic*) 3 Education of Children and Youth with Disabilities in Poland and Un Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Agnieszka Żyta*, Stanisława Byra, Katarzyna Ćwirynkało) 124 Therapists' and Teachers' Attitude Towards Hippotherapy (Erna Žgur*) 4 Sexuality of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities as Described by Therapists. A Qualitative Research Report (Katarzyna Ćwirynkało*, Stanisława Byra, Agnieszka Żyta) 43 Child Sexual Abuse in Croatia: Review of Prevalence Research and Analysis of Official Data (Stjepka Popović*)
 297 Contribution of Spirituality in Overcoming Crises and Recovery from Addiction (Anita Dučkić Sertić, Slavica Blažeka Kokorić*, Gordana Berc) 15 Academic and Social Effects of Visually Impaired Children’s Education in Special, Integrated and Regular Schools in Poland (Beata Papuda-Dolińska*) 125 Development of Gross Motor Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Marko Torić*, Vedran Budetić, Kristijan Copak, Sanda Zlatarić) 97 Implementation of Sex Education Programme for People with Intellectual Disability (Daniela Bratković, Mateja Vukašinec*) 107 A Comparative Study on Missing Persons in Croatia, the United States and Slovenia (Ljiljana Mikšaj - Todorović*, Marijan Šuperina, Lisa Decker, Danijela Frangež)
 68 Aging and Old Age in the Mirror of Spirituality (Ana Štambuk*) 50 Quality and Differences in Individualized Education Plans for Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Elementary and Upper Secondary Schools (Marta Licardo*, Tina Vršnik Perše, Katja Košir) 214 Growing Up with Brother Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Adult Siblings’ Perspective (Ana Tokić Milaković*, Silvija Hinek) 242 Attitudes of University Students Towards the Sexuality of People with an Intellectual Disability (Daniela Bratković*, Snježana Sekušak Galešev, Ana Radoš) 237 Prevention of Teen Dating Violence: Effectiveness of the Large-Scale School-Based Intervention (Ajana Löw*, Dean Ajduković)
 79 Religious Coping and Stressful Life Situations (Zdravka Leutar*, Kristina Šesto) 53 Attitudes of Preschool Educators and Primary School Teachers Towards the Inclusion of Children and Students with Hearing Impairments in Regular Educational Institutions (Nataša Vlah*, Marina Šokić, Sanja Skočić Mihić, Damir Herega) 36 Behaviour of Students with Cerebral Palsy Low Intellectual Functioning in the School Environment (Ivana Sretenović*, Goran Nedović, Milosav Adamović, Vojislav Todorović) 201 Job Club for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and Person Centered Approach as Preconditions for Succesfull Employment (Jelena Kenđel, Marija Alfirev*, Marijana Mijat) 278 Unaccompanied Children in Croatia - What Their Needs are and What We Can Provide to Them (Dubravka Marušić*)
 275 Teaching Strategies for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Relation to Teachers’ Experience and Formal and Informal Learning (Sanja Skočić Mihić*, Dragana Mamić, Minja Mrvoš) 59 Discrimination Against People with Mild Intellectual Disabilities: Their Experiences in Everyday Life (Marko Buljevac*, Marina Milic Babic, Zdravka Leutar) 87 Attitudes and Competence of Teachers in the Implementation of Inclusion: Research Review (Anna Giugno Modrusan*)
Friday, May 19th
10:00-11:30Room ZemljiRoom ReciRoom LjudeRoom GlagoljuRoom VjediRoom BukyRoom Az
Education and Rehabilitation Sciences - Session 9
(Ch: Ms. Borkowska)
Education and Rehabilitation Sciences - Session 10
(Ch: Dr. Žic Ralić)
Insights in Early Childhood Intervention – Scope of Research
(Ch: Prof. Ivšac Pavliša)
 264 Nueropsychological Diagnosis of Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders . Theory and Practice in Poland (Magdalena Borkowska*, Katarzyna Okulicz - Kozaryn) 99 Education and Rehabilitation Support in the Inclusion of Children with Cerebral Palsy in the Regular System (Sanja Brumen*) 204 The Importance of Routines and Rituals in Ealry Learning and Early Lntervention (Ana-Marija Bohacek*)
 25 Psychological and Pedagogical Care for Children with Special Educational Needs - a System in Poland (Agnieszka Nowicka, Jarosław Bąbka, Ditta Baczała*) 104 Prerequisites for Teaching Autism Spectrum Disorders in General Settings (Nataša Dolović*) 208 Manual Signs as a Form of Alternative and Augmentative Communication in Autism Spectrum Disorder (Anamaria Tomić*, Marina Milković)
 84 Teaching Assistants - Expectations, Vision and Practice (Tamara Herceg Babić*, Manuela Prlić) 186 Teacher Self-Efficiency in Working with Children with Disabilities (Aleksandra Krampac-Grljusic, Dajana Ivancic, Vesna Mihanovic*) 234 The Role of Health Care Systems in the Field of Early Childhood Intervention (Tena Matijaš*)
 115 Voting Opportunities for People with Disabilities (Luka Femec*, Lelia Kiš Glavaš, Valentina Mašić) 194 The Importance of Teaching Assistants in Regular Elementary School (Nevenka Mravlinčić*, Sara Katić, Jeronim Čeko, Jeronim Čeko) 218 Importance of Joint Attention in Early Language Development (Barbara Vogrinčič*, Maja Cepanec )
 67 Rehabilitation of People with Psychiatric Disabilities in Sheltered Workshops in Luxembourg: Employment Facilities as a Social Pillar for Vulnerable Groups (Senad Karavdic*, Sandrine Bem, Arthur Limbach-Reich) 217 The “Circle of Friends” Intervention Effect on Friendship of Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms (Aleksandra Krampac-Grljusic, Anamarija Žic Ralić*) 293 Peer Mediated Instruction and Intervention (Pmii) for Preschool Children with Developmental Disabilities (Kristina Bašić*)
Friday, May 19th
12:00-13:30Room ZemljiRoom ReciRoom LjudeRoom GlagoljuRoom VjediRoom BukyRoom Az
Update on drug use in Croatia and related challenges
(Ch: Dr. Jerković)
Social Pedagogy - Session 7
(Ch: Prof. Vlah)
Social Pedagogy - Session 8
(Ch: Dr. Liebenberg)
Speech and Language Pathology - Session 2
(Ch: Prof. Leko Krhen)
 138 Licit and Illicit Substance Use in Croatia: Findings from the Two Consecutive General Population Surveys (2011 and 2015) (Renata Glavak Tkalić*, Geran-Marko Miletić, Ines Sučić) 52 "early Detection of Mental Health Problems in Preschools and Preadolescent Children in Zagreb" – the Preliminary Results of a Pilot Project (Vlatka Boričević Maršanić*, Iva Zečević, Ljubica Paradžik) 27 Educational Pathways of Care Leavers in Austria (Stephan Sting, Maria Groinig*) 55 Attitudes Towards Stuttering: a Preliminary Study on the Unhelpful Thoughts and Beliefs About Stuttering Questionnaire in Croatia (Ena Klarin*, Ana Leko Krhen, Suzana Jelčić Jakšić)
 267 Substance Abuse Among Student Population in Croatia (Irma Kovčo Vukadin*) 13 Risk Factors and Prosocial Tendencies Among Students Enrolled in Primary School Day Intervention Program (Nataša Vlah*, Rebeka Pavlović, Danka Majić) 37 Building Communities of Care: Understanding Service Provider-Community Partnerships in Establishing Community Resilience Across Cultures and Contexts (Linda Liebenberg*, Daphne Hutt-Macleod) 75 Objective Voice Quality Analysis in Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis (Gabrijela Blatancic*, Ana Bonetti, Tamara Živković-Ivanović)
 253 The Moderating Role of Causality Orientations in the Relationship Between Personality Traits and Cannabis Consumption (Dijana Jerković*, Martina Lotar Rihtarić, Valentina Kranželić) 54 Self-Assesment of Teacher's Efficacy in Preschool Institution (Nataša Vlah*) 286 Strengthening Families Program in Slovenia - Implementation Challenges and Barriers (Sanela Talić*) 305 Is Multidisciplinarity Fashion, Necessity or Luxury in Research Today? Language, Mind and Brain Perspective (Melita Kovacevic*)
 191 Drug Market Research in Croatia – the Role of Drug-Related Crime (Dalibor Doležal, Anita Jandrić Nišević*, Damir Maracic) 90 Risk for Behavioral Problems in the Early and Pre-School Age: Proposal of Assessment Measure (Nataša Vlah*, Sanja Smojver-Ažić, Tamara Dorčić Martinac) 88 „For Them” or „About Them” How Staff Training Focused & Based on Practice Can Contribute to Quality Help for Youth with Problematic Behavior: Bridging Theory and Practice (Zsolt Balázs Major*) 274 The Prognostic Value of Indicators for Identifying Risk in the Development of Speech in Children and Their Timely Assessments in Order to Prevent (Nada Dobrota Davidovic*, Jadranka Otasevic)
 273 Implementation of the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards (Edpqs) in Croatian Prevention Programs – Example of Transferring Knowledge into Practice (Valentina Kranželić*, Dijana Jerković, Martina Ferić) 85 School as a Protection Factor. an Analysis of Achievements, Obstacles, Collaboration, and Identities in Senior High School Work with Students Who Use Alcohol and Drugs (Goran Basic*, David Wästerfors, Martin Hugo, Margareta Ekberg, Maria Alm, Paula Wahlgren) 39 Using Participatory Visual Methods to Understand Youth Resilience (Linda Liebenberg*)
Friday, May 19th
15:00-16:30Room ZemljiRoom ReciRoom LjudeRoom GlagoljuRoom VjediRoom BukyRoom Az
Challenges of studying families at risk
(Ch: Dr. Žižak)
Social Pedagogy - Session 9
(Ch: Ms. Čakmazović)
Education and Rehabilitation Sciences - Session 12
(Ch: Prof. Fulgosi Masnjak)
Education and Rehabilitation Sciences - Session 11
(Ch: Dr. Kudek Mirošević)
Education and Rehabilitation Sciences - Session 13
(Ch: Ms. Košir)
Education and Rehabilitation Sciences - Session 14
(Ch: Prof. Kralj)
 299 Family Resilience Scale: Development and Factor Structure (Ivana Maurović, Martina Lotar Rihtarić*, Dora Dodig Hundrić) 22 Coach's Perspective of the Effectiveness and Improving of Playing Capoeira for Children in Croatia (Nataša Vlah*, Katarina Križić) 172 Croatian and Polish Early Education Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Inclusive Education of Children with Special Educational Needs (Katarzyna Ćwirynkało*, Tamara Kisovar-Ivanda, Jess L. Gregory, Agnieszka Żyta, Aleksandra Arciszewska, Smiljana Zrilić) 163 Preschool Teachers' Knowledge About Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Suzana Pulec Lah*, Tamara Novak, Alenka Polak) 103 Neurofeedback in Educational Rehabilitation (Nataša Dolović*) 66 Social Entrepreneurship - an Opportunity for Integration of People with Disabilities in Croatia? (Danijel Baturina*, Zdenko Babić, Luka Marković)
 300 Mosaic of Ethical Issues and Lessons Learnt in the Pilot-Study of Famresplan Research Project (Irma Kovčo Vukadin, Valentina Kranželić*, Martina Ferić, Helena Križan) 309 Media in Prevention of Meb Problems: Relevant? Irrelevant? Beneficial? Harmful? (Alma Čakmazović*) 182 Listening to Children and Hearing Them Too: Potency of Forum Theatre as Critical-Pedagogical Inquiry into Children's Views (Ana Širanović*) 303 Scaffolding Preschoolers with Disabilities: Teaching Practice in Mainstream Kindergartens in Croatia (Ksenija Romstein*, Ljiljana Pintarić Mlinar) 140 Assessment of Students’ Performance in Touch Typing Exercise During Two Testing Conditions That Affect Active Attention to Touch Typing Differently – a Pilot Study of a Single Versus Dual Task Experimental Condition (Janja Košir*, Suzana Pulec Lah, Milena Košak Babuder, Andrej Košir) 239 Social Inclusion of People with Intellectual Disabilities and Supported Employment (Mojca Lipec Stopar*, Janja Barič, Daniela Bratković)
 301 Specific Characteristics of Families at Risk: Contribution to Complex Interventions Planning (Famresplan): Project Overview (Antonija Žižak, Ivana Jeđud Borić, Anita Jandrić Nišević, Martina Ferić*, Irma Kovčo Vukadin) 247 Mental Health and Risky Behaviors Among West Ukrainian Adolescents (Katarzyna Okulicz - Kozaryn*, Svitlana Shchudlo, Halyna Herasym, Iryna Mirchuk, Larysa Klymanska, Viktor Savka) 255 Relation Between Stereoacuity and Gross/fine Motor Skills of Children with Intellectual Disabilities (Andreja Marić*, Sonja Alimović) 83 Differences in the Opinions of Teachers Providing Individualized Educational Support (Jasna Kudek Mirošević*) 34 Accessibility and USAge of Assistive Technology in Education and Rehabilitation of Children with Motor Disorders and Chronic Diseases in the Republic of Croatia (Ivana Vincic*, Renata Pinjatela, Ines Delzotto) 252 The Role of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences in Multidisciplinary Approach to Improvement of Parks and Park Activities (Rea Fulgosi Masnjak*, Maja Lang Morović)
 302 Challenges in Defining and Connecting Constructs in Famresplan Project (Ivana Maurović*, Valentina Kranželić, Miranda Novak, Gabrijela Ratkajec Gašević, Josipa Mihić, Helena Križan) 187 Self-Assessment of the Psychosomatic Symptoms and Quality of Life in Primary School Students (Rea Fulgosi Masnjak*, Gina Lugović) 178 Moving from Institutional Education: the Life Experiences of Adolescents with Disability (Vedrana Šenjug Užarević*, Kelley Johnson, Ljiljana Igrić, Davorka Dragojević) 268 Teachers’ Knowledge of the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Snježana Sekušak Galešev*, Sanja Skočić Mihić, Selma Kehonjić) 270 Kinesiologist as a Member of Multidisciplinary Team - Creating Recommendations for the Improvement of Parks and Park Activities (Mia Masnjak*, Sanja Šalaj)
 70 Introducing Dog Assisted Intervention into the Work of Education and Rehabilitation Experts with Students with Intellectual Disabilities (Renata Adamović, Ana Matoic, Tea Selaković, Vida Živković*)